The Donn


They laugh and giggle like little kids,
Shes Italian and dirty with gunties full of skids,
What does she have that I don't got?
Beauty? tits? a hairy slot?
I sit in the darkness and watch them mate,
Switch teams with me it would be great,

One day my Donn you will be mine,
Roofies, torture oh I have the time,
Those hoors they mean nothing,
Just a firm bodied hump,
I'll go back to me Donn doll,
With a repair kit and pump.


MJ said...

I had to click the "Hot" box for this twice.

I mean look at how well he scrubs up!

Beauty, tits, and a hairy slot could have been yours too if you'd continued on your estrogen pills like I told you.

Donn said...

She likes me big 'ead she does!